Sobhita annoyed with Mahesh's fans

Pawan requests fans regarding YS Jagan

Pawan fans fuming over 'mastermind' RGV!

Pawan Kalyan fans to legal action on Sri Reddy

Akhil's Vizag fans write open letter

Pawan Kalyan's fans are upbeat!

Fans sometimes abuse me, says Renu Desai

The social media war among fans of Telugu superstars has been affecting Renu Desai, Pawan Kalyan's divorced wife.  She has been taking it silently.  Finally, the Pune-based 33-year-old has opened up.  In an interview posted for her Twitter followers, she has shared her heart-felt feelings.

Kalyan garu is my friend:

Prabhas, Pawan Kalyan – fan tussle!

Star wars get murky

It’s a simple case of fans clash all gone wrong. The fan clash has now spiraled into a caste war in some areas of coastal Andhra Pradesh. The last few days these places witnessed fans setting flexi boards of filmstars on fire, pelting stones on houses and shops and fighting tooth and nail on streets.

Prabhas unhappy over Bhimavaram incident

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