I am not doing publicity stunt: Manasa

Monday, July 17, 2017 - 13:45
Manasa Himavarsha

Himavarsha is not a popular actress. She was seen in films like 'Romance' and 'Katamarayudu'. Suddenly she is being trolled on the social media. Reason is that she spoke against NTR hosted show Bigg Boss. Himavarsha posted on her social networking account, "Ok, Now I feel glad not being a part of it ". The actress did not like the show. NTR fans mistook her comment and started trolling her. They are under the impression that she commented on NTR. 
The actress came out with an explanation for this. She wrote, “Guys Guys Guys , , , could you just relax a bit ??? Did u even see me mentioning NTR anywhere in my posts ? No point in just trolling me over my honest opinions."
She further explained that she loves NTR the actor. The actress requested his fans to check her interviews where she has spoken high of NTR. She assured them that she would not mock NTR in anyway. 
Many have accused her of seeking attention. Himavarsha said that this was untrue. She wrote, “As I see this word attention seeker,quite highlighted by many of u, all I would say is you are never so wrong about me folks .I am the most non controversial person and I stay miles away to anything that would provoke a over night fame.I do my bit of job and stay at peace . . If only I had to, in the Past did many a occasions raised to which I never had my head turned and wil remain the same no matter what may come N go. I really care nuts for popularity.”

She also wrote that she will not delete any of her posts as she feels that she wrote it for a reason.