Miya George confident on Ungarala Rambabu

Wednesday, September 13, 2017 - 09:00

The 25-year-old Miya George has been juggling her career in both Malayalam and Tamil film industries for years now. However, 'Ungarala Rambabu' is her first straight Telugu film. In this Sept 15 release, she will be romancing Sunil. Playing substantial roles is what Miya believes in.

"I can't play characters that ask of me to just dance around. There has to be content," Miay announces. What is 'Ungarala Rambabu'' about? "It's a complete package. There are emotions, there is lot of fun, there is a love story, an ideological clash between my communist father (played by Prakash Raj) and the hero," she informs.

Where does she fit into the scheme of things? "Actually, my character has got two different dimensions. In the first half, Savitri (her character's name) is bubbly and tricky. In the second, she is homely once the backdrop changes to a village," she says. Why the title? "Rambabu is a staunch believer in astrology. And Savitri is just not that," she reveals