Pawan Kalyan presents himself in different manner

Sunday, March 19, 2017 (All day)

Pawan Kalyan (referred to as PSPK from now) gave one of his best-ever speeches at the special event of 'Katamarayudu'. He opened up with a surprising honesty. He shared anecdotes, and he was not averse to acknowledging his fans' excited cheers about his political future.

  • "Whatever may be the work, be it farming or sweeping, I do it with honesty. I am not ashamed to do any work. I approach acting with the same sense. I will perform other duties in future with the same mindset," PSPK said. This statement comes days after he said that Jana Sena Party will contest the 2019 polls. 
  • "I joined politics with the belief that power is a tool to do public good," he said, adding that success and failure are both fine to him!
  • At length, he talked about how the message given by his films reinforced what he believed. 
  • "I usually forget the dialogues of my own films. But the line 'Preme daivam, prema sarvam, preme shrusti manugadaku moolam ani telusukunna' in 'Gokulam Lo Seetha' stayed with me for long. When I enquired about who wrote the line, I came to know that Trivikram Srinivas wrote it".
  • PSPK talked about what happened while shooting for the climax of 'Suswagatham'. He literally slapped himself over and over again while shooting for the graveyard scene. "I slapped myself so hard that my head started paining. I gave 40 takes. Although it's bad omen to think like that, I wondered what if my father dies. When my father died during the shoot of 'Jalsa', I didn't cry. I had already cried so much during that scene," he said.
  • Pawan recalled his father's words when he talked about his first experience of people's affection for him during his visit to Kurnool after 'Suswagatham' ran for 200 days.
  • "I did 'Tammudu' with conviction. Picchi tho chesina cinema adi. The message that the film gives is that nobody can tell you what your limits are. The song 'Travelling Soldier' says that".
  • "Nuvu Nanda aithe nenu Badri Badrinath is not just a line. It says that you are no less to anybody," he says.
  • "I love my country. That's why in 'Khushi', the song 'Ye mera jahaan' tells the message that nobody should poke into my country, my house, or anything that is mine".
  • The disastrous performance of his last film made him say this: "I don't believe in advertising about my film. If you like it, you will watch it. If not, I am ready to accept the result". 
  • Mega fans had a blast when Pawan said that Chiru was the hero. "As far as I am concerned, Chiranjeevi garu is the hero. I don't see myself as one". 
  • He said that he saw divinity in everybody. 
  • About 'Katamarayudu', he said that the film was nativised by writer Akula Shiva to suit the Rayalaseema backdrop. Earlier, Ali said that the scenes are different from the original (Tamil film 'Veeram').
  • PSPK revealed half of the story-line. "I (Katamarayudu) don't like women in the movie. My brothers (played by Ajay, Shiva Balaji, Kamal Kamaraju and Chaitanya) devise a plan to draw me into love. That's the story," Pawan said.