Puri's daughter roars at the news channels

Monday, July 17, 2017 - 10:30

Drugs scandal in Tollywood doesn't seem to be interested in resting. Everyday someone or the other is talking about it and keeping it alive. The latest is Puri Jagganadh’s daughter Pavithra Jagannadh. The director’s kid is upset about media connecting her father and the drugs scandal.

She came out strongly on the social media and wrote that one should watch their tongue before writing badly about someone. Just because her father is a celebrity, there is no need to talk about him badly she roared. Pavithra informed that Puri was person who was keen on his goals and he would never put his career into jeopardy. 

Pavithra requested people not to believe in what news channels are showing. She acsertained that there is no relation between Puri Jagan and the drug scandal. Point taken young lady!