Sobhan would have married Jayalalaithaa, says writer Rama Lakshmi

Thursday, September 14, 2017 - 16:30

The relationship between actor Sobhan Babu and Jayalalithaa hit headlines several times when both of them were alive. Sobhan Babu, who was the most admired actor by women folk in Telugu land, was in relationship with Jayalalithaa, who was then lead actress of South Indian movies. "She was deeply in love with him. She would have married him had he agreed to end his marriage," said writer 

Rama Lakshmi, who penned several scripts of Sobhan Babu's hits like 'Gorintaku' and 'Jeevana Jyothi'.

The fire brand writer Ramalakshmi, who is also wife of famous poet Arudra, spoke at length about various matters of yesteryear cinema field. Popular journalist Telakapalli Ravi interviewed her.

In this interview she said Sobhan Babu was a gentleman who never spoke about Jayalalithaa in public as he didn't want to drag her name into dirty politics. Both Sobhan Babu and Jayalalithaa reportedly had parted ways when they had realised that their relationship could never become legally sanctify.

Jayalalithaa later became Chief Minister of Tamilnadu and ruled the state many terms. She recently passed away due to ill-health. Sobhan Babu died in 2008.

- By L Venugopal