Naa Nuvve

June crowded with many releases

Naa Nuvve postponed to June 1

Good expectations pinned on Naa Nuvve

Naa Nuvve trailer cute and romantic

Naa Nuvve - Theatrical Trailer

Crisp runtime is an advantage for Naa Nuvve!

Naa Nuvve music: Neat and classy!

Naa Nuvve's first song on April 18

MLA is not political movie: Kalyan Ram

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram's 'MLA' releases on March 23. In a chit-chat, he talks about his character in the movie, why Kajal Aggarwal was roped in, forthcoming movies, and more.  

Is the main lead in 'MLA' a virtuous person from the beginning?  Why is he called a person with 'manchi lakshanalu'?

Actually, my character in the film is not perfect.  The hero starts out as a person with his own flaws.  He commits a folly and later realizes that its consequences are adverse.    What he does to rectify the mistake is the crux.  


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