Kapatadhaari is unique in the thriller genre: Sumanth


Sumanth has been attempting different genres. His latest film, Kapatadhaari, is a crime drama. The film releases on Feb 19, 2021. We spoke to him about the film and his career decisions. 

‘Kapatadhaari’ is a remake. What attracted you to it?

When I watched the original (Kannada movie), I felt it was unique. The narration, theme, and feel of the film were quite different in the thriller genre. So, I felt that this film would be a perfect remake for me.

Tell us about the essence of the film?

The film has a traffic cop as the hero which is not generally showcased in our Telugu films. He is a small-time cop and gets involved in a case after he finds an unusual lead. He goes against all odds to solve this case and why he does this is the story. 

What is the meaning of Kapatadhaari in the film?

‘Kapatadhaari’ is the one who has multiple faces. Our story has different facets and is narrated with a gripping screenplay.

Did you tweak the film for the Telugu version?

The film’s story is quite universal and suits every region. But for the remake, we tweaked the story here and there and have tightened the pace. The director of the original movie helped us a lot in this regard. 

Experience of working with Nanditha Swetha?

Even though Nanditha is doing big films, she came on board after loving the story and her role. She just plays a supporting role and has done a superb job in the film. Also, I want to tell everyone that there are not many romantic moments or songs in the film. BGM is the key.

How are you selecting films these days?

I am giving importance to bound scripts these days. I like to listen to the story in detail. When I feel the story doesn’t suit me, I tell them frankly, even if the script is solid. I still remember Puri Garu narrating to me the script of ‘Desamuduru’ but I knew that it would never work on me, and refused to do. 

How are looking at your career these days?

There is a lot of variety these days and the audience wants to see different stuff. So, things are changing, and I am waiting for that chance where I can break the mold and do different stuff. I am doing a romantic drama that will be quite progressive in its storyline and narration.



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