Has Jagapathi Babu taken Anandaiah’s medicine?

Jagapathi Babu

Actor Jagapathi Babu is a votary of the controversial Anandaiah medicine for COVID-19. The herbal concoction of Anandaiah is being distributed to people in Kirhsnapatnam in the Nellore district

While rationalists and doctors oppose using this herbal medicine for the treatment of COVID-19, the Andhra Pradesh high court has granted permission to distribute it to people.

The latest video that is being circulated on social media shows that Jagapathi Babu revealing that he had already consumed the medicine himself. He has been lending support to Anandaiah and Jagapathi Babu says that Ayurvedic medicine never goes wrong.

However, even the Central government’s Ayush department is not considering it as ‘Ayurvedic’ medicine.



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