7 Takeaways  from Samantha’s KWK 7

Koffee With Karan’ (KWK) is the most popular talk show in India. The 7th season of KWK is streaming on Disney+Hotstar. Samantha debuted on the show.

​Everyone waited for her episode to know her version of her divorce from Naga Chaitanya.

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She corrected Karan Johar when he spoke about her husband. “Ex-husband,” she corrected him.


Current relation with Chaitanya? Her answer: “If you put us both in a room, you'd have to hide sharp objects.”


​She added that she might be kind to Chaitanya later. “Maybe sometime in the future".


​On trolling about divorce: “I couldn't really complain about it because I chose that path. I came out of it, better than okay."


Life after divorce?  “It has been hard but it's fine. I am stronger than I have ever been."


​On unhappy marriages:  “Marital life is meant to be Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (K3G) the reality is KGF."


Bizarre rumor she heard:  “Reports said that I took Rs 250 crore as alimony.”