Despite issues, Trisha remains at the top

Trisha is currently making headlines as she responded effectively to actor Mansoor Ali Khan's filthy remarks about her.

Trisha not only slammed him for his statements, but she also stated that she was glad she did not share screen space with him and would never do so again. 

Mansoor stated that he didn’t get the chance to lift Trisha to a bedroom. He boasted about raping Khusbhoo and Roja in films, but regretted not doing so with Trisha.

Trisha handled the situation with dignity and has received support from celebrities, ordinary people, and fans.

Trisha was no stranger to controversies. She has experienced her fair share of setbacks in life. She overcome them all and bounced back.

The unmarried actress suffered numerous rumors about her personal life, but she managed them all effectively and remained at the top of her career.

Many actresses her age (39), play sister roles, yet Trisha continues playing female lead roles opposite top stars like Vijay and Kamal Haasan.

She is currently one of the highest-paid actresses in South India. Trisha had two hits in a row with 'Leo' and 'PS 1 & 2'.

Trisha had many Telugu hits and worked with all of Tollywood's biggest stars, including Mahesh Babu, Prabhas, and Pawan.

She is giving the younger generation of actresses a run for their money by maintaining her figure and having flawless skin. 

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