US BO: Hanu Man is on the verge of crossing $1 mark

Superhero Hanuman

“Hanu Man” is having a dream run at the box office in the United States. The film had already surpassed the $800k mark at the time of writing. All of this money was made on the first day (including premiere shows).


As of now, “Hanu Man” is on track to break the $1 million mark by end of the first day or early Saturday. Thus the film will reach its break-even point in two days. This is a remarkable achievement for the film.

What’s more astonishing is that the film grossed more or less same amount of “Guntur Kaaram” did on Friday. This gives a clear picture of where “Hanu Man” is right now.

“Guntur Kaaram” will undoubtedly gross more than $2 million by the end of the weekend, but the film suffered primarily as a result of negative reviews and unfavourable word-of-mouth.

Prasanth Varma’s “Hanu Man” is a super hero film. It starred Teja Sajja. The final 30 minutes of “Hanu Man” are quite strong.



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