Weekend BO: Thank you is a box-office disaster

Thank You

Film after film is tanking at the box office. Last weekend’s release ‘Thank You’ was also rejected by the audiences. The film had a poor start on the first day itself. After receiving a shockingly low opening, the movie continued the same trend on day 2. There was no growth on Sunday either. Generally, new releases show a jump on Sunday, but it was different for this film.

‘Thank You’ has collected in the range of Rs 3.30 Cr in three days. A meagre number for a mid-range hero movie. It is the biggest disaster in recent times.

The film collected about $165k (1.30 Cr gross) in the first weekend. The total worldwide collection in the first weekend is just Rs 3 plus Cr. 

After Nagarjuna’s ‘Officer’, this is the biggest flop for the Akkineni family. 

Despite Naga Chaitanya delivering successful films recently and coming from Dil Raju’s production company, the film didn’t attract audiences. The word-of-mouth was so bad, and the reviews were negative. 

‘Thank You’ is directed by Vikram Kumar.



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