Weekend box-office: ‘Happy Birthday’ flops

Happy Birthday

Yet another week, yet another flop! The dull phase at the ticket windows is continuing. ‘Happy Birthday featuring Lavany Tripathi, Vennela Kishore, and Sathya as the main cast hit the theaters. The film created enough buzz with promotions. Also, Rajamouli who attended the film’s event, said these kinds of films attract audiences now. He sounded very confident about this film’s success. 

None of this buzz helped the film. Nor did Rajamouli’s validation or promotions. The film received thumbs down from critics. Ratings were unanimously low. The word-of-mouth was also negative. So, it didn’t see any jump in the collections over the weekend.

‘Happy Birthday’ joined the list of recent duds. The makers might recover money from Netflix and Satellite business.

The film’s director Ritesh Rana has joined the league of directors who faced second-movie syndrome. The Telugu film industry has seen dozens of directors who scored duds with their second films after making a sensational debut. 



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