Actress Madhumitha appeals for KCR to intervene


Actress Madhumitha and actor Shiva Balaji have been fighting against school management over tuition fees. The couple alleges that the Mount Litera school of Manikonda in Hyderabad is pressurizing parents to pay the hiked tuition fees, and transportation fees when the schools all over India remain shut due to coronavirus outbreak. 

Madhumitha on Friday spoke to the media men explaining how some of the corporate schools are looting parents in the name of online classes.

Madhumitha asked Telangana Chief Minister KCR to look into this issue. CM KCR instructed all the corporate schools not to hike fees during this pandemic and also mentioned not to take any money from the parents other than the tuition fee. “But Mount Litera school is harassing students and their parents over fees. We have already paid 35 percent of the tuition fee and they are demanding more. Sending mails and disconnecting online classes those who question them,” she broke down while explaining the harassment the school management exerted on them.

Madhumitha and Shiva Balaji have two kids together. 

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