‘Atharva’ is an unique thriller: Karthik Raju

“Atharva” will be released in theaters on December 1st. Karthik Raju, the film’s hero, describes it as a one-of-a-kind film. “Most crime suspense thriller films follow the same formula. But “Atharva” is different. The key point is how the police squad solved a crime case without any clues. When acting in a film of this sort, facial expressions are vital. This was a difficult role for me.” Karthik Raju told the media.


There are two female actors in the film. “Ayraa is a film actress, and Simran Choudhary played a crime reporter. Both of them play important roles,” Karthik Raju remarked.

The Hyderabad Clues team just viewed the film and applauded the team. “We held a special screening for the Clues team, and they were overjoyed when they saw the film. They complimented our efforts. They stated that Clues team officers should be like Karthik Raju. That was a big compliment,” he said.

He had previously appeared in “Kausalya Krishnamurthy,” however he did not sign any more roles after that. “I received numerous offers. However, this gap was caused by Corona. Now I’m picking stories more carefully. I finished a film with People’s Media Factory, the leading production company,” he said.



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