Bandla Ganesh’s speech trending on top

Bandla Ganesh

Last night, at the pre-release event of ‘Vakeel Saab’, it was Bandla Ganesh’s speech that made Pawan Kalyan’s fans go into a frenzy. His high-pitched praise of Pawan Kalyan reflects the devotion and admiration he has for the star, and it also confirms that no one comes close to him in impressing the power star’s fans.

His speech left Pawan Kalyan in splits. “Manam Bandla Ganesh la matladalemu,” Pawan Kalyan commented when he came on to the stage. 

Bandla Ganesh, an actor, and producer of several hits that include ‘Gabbar Singh’ claimed himself as a devotee of his ‘god’ Pawan Kalyan. His speech is now trending top on YouTube. 

His speech looks comical and farcical for the general audiences but Pawan’s fans, it was the echo of their feelings.


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