‘Bigg Boss 7 Telugu’ numbers create a sensation

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu

The grandeur of Bigg Boss 7 is clearly visible on social media. The increase in numbers every year is strikingly visible with each season. But this year’s spectacular rise has become a talk of the town in Telugu circles.


The grand launch episode of Bigg Boss 7 amassed a record viewership of 3 crores. The number itself shows the tremendous love that the audience has showered. Reports from all over the state are that 1 in every two people has watched an episode of Bigg Boss 7. While this sort of love is not new for Star Maa nor the reality show, this season certainly stood out than the previous ones.

While this is a laudable achievement for the show, the first week’s total viewership reached an astonishing 5.1 crores and has cemented Maa TV’s number one position among the Telugu channels.

The show’s host Nagarjuna Akkineni has mentioned in the promo that this season will compile many twists and turns which has raised expectations of the show. Seeing the response in the first week, many experts are predicting a significant rise in the number in the upcoming episodes.

The show has garnered the love of the audience on not just Star Maa but on Disney+hotstar and Youtube.



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