Boyapati is searching for a house!

Boyapati Srinu

Director Boyapati will resume the shoot of Nandamuri Balakrishna’s film after the Dussera festival. He is now on the lookout for a massive mansion that has the architectural style of the bygone era in the outskirts of Hyderabad. Some crucial scenes are needed to be shot in this mansion. He doesn’t want to create a set for this.

Boyapati will also head to Varanasi shortly to decide whether he can pull off shooting key sequences there. A part of the story is set in Varanasi but due to the pandemic, he is in a big dilemma. 

After blockbusters ‘Simha’ and ‘Legend’, this is the third film in the combination of Boyapati and Balakrishna. Before the shoot resumes again, Boyapati will announce the film’s title and the heroine’s name. 

Produced by Miriyala Ravinder Reddy, the action drama has Thaman’s music.

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