Election results: Kootami and Pawan Kalyan leading in big way

Pawan Kalyan

The big day has arrived. Election results are pouring in. The Kootami aka Allaince parties (TDP, Jana Sena, and BJP) are overwhelmingly leading in the Andhra Pradesh assembly elections.


Pawan Kalyan, whose party ran for 21 seats, is also winning big. Pawan Kalyan has been declared a game changer in AP politics this time because he played a key role in forming this alliance and convincing the BJP to join the alliance.

Pawan Kalyan Kalyan’s victory is confirmed, as the majority in Pithapuram, where he contested, grows with each round.

Pawan Kalyan will also play a major role in the Andhra Pradesh government. Pawan Kalyan’s name has been trending on social media, and fans are celebrating his victory.

At 10.30 AM the trends – AP Assembly

TDP – 123
YSRCP – 21
Jana Sena – 18
BJP – 5



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