Game Changer’s key shoot in January

Game Changer

The filming of “Game Changer” has been ongoing for several months. Director Shankar shot it in a variety of locations throughout the year 2023. He finished a couple of sequences even in December. However, the filming has not yet been completed.


When will the film’s production be completed? According to our sources, Shankar informed Ram Charan and producer Dil Raju that the main part of the film will be almost finished by January 2024.

Except for one song and some balance work, the shooting should be finished in January if everything goes as planned.

“Game Changer” is a political drama about India’s electoral system. Shankar is filming in his trademark style, as written by Karthik Subbaraj.

Kiara Advani plays the female lead, and Anjali plays a supporting role. The film “Game Changer” is scheduled to be released in September 2024.



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