Guntur Kaaram: Producer gives update about shooting status

Guntur Kaaram song

There have been numerous speculations regarding the production progress of “Guntur Kaaram.” Certain individuals spreading rumors even went as far as asserting that the film might not be released in theaters in time for the Sankranthi festival.


However, Naga Vamsi, the co-producer, refuted all the rumors and provided an update regarding the film’s production status.

He stated that the film features a mere four songs. Additionally, there is a bit song. With the exception of one song, he stated that the entire shooting has been concluded.

“We are going to shoot for the last song from 21st December as per our schedule. The recent news is fake and very monotonous gossip. Gossipmongers need your attention and they’re spreading all sorts of fake news just for clicks. They know for which you would react. Just because we are quiet doesn’t mean whatever they’re spreading is right!,” he wrote.

“Guntur Kaaram” is under the direction of Trivikram. The film features Mahesh Babu in the lead role. Sreeleela is the female protagonist.



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