‘Harom Hara’ to release on Krishna’s birth anniversary

Harom Hara

Sudheer Babu holds a profound admiration for his father-in-law, Superstar Krishna. Hence, he is planning his new movie release on Superstar Krishna’s birth anniversary (May 31st).


“Harom Hara” which stars Sudheer Babu in the lead role will be arrived in theaters on May 31st. Indeed, it is an ideal occasion, as it takes advantage of the summer holidays, which will last for a duration of more than two weeks until educational institutions resume in the second week of June.

The new poster has Sudheer Babu holding a Velayudham, while individuals in the background express their reverence by waving their hands. He appears menacing in this image.

Gnanasagar Dwaraka is helming this action thriller produced by Sumanth G Naidu under the brand of SSC (Sree Subrahmanyeshwara Cinemas). Malvika Sharma is the main female character.

“Harom Hara” is a historical film that takes place in 1989 in the town of Kuppam in the Chittoor region. Sudheer Babu, who has recently undergone a transformation, will be delivering dialogues in the local dialect of Kuppam.



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