Is Samantha looking for an ultra-glamorous image?


Samantha recently announced the name of her new web series. She will next appear in the Indian version of the series ‘Citadel’, named “Citadel Honey Bunny”. Samantha has recently spent more time in Mumbai than in Hyderabad to promote her next series and appear in ads.


To improve their popularity and attract more followers on Instagram, and thus gain more brand endorsments, many actresses agree to photoshoots that display their flesh boldly. Samantha has done the same thing.

Samantha’s recent photo shoot, which features her in all black, accentuates her deep neck assets. Although all of these photographs were Photoshopped, it appears that her daring attitude is part of her new strategy.

The 36-year-old actress must be looking for an ultra-glam diva image.



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