Jithender Reddy’s trailer is out

Jithender Reddy

Recently, there has been a trend of films featuring protagonists who fight for protecting Hindu dharma. The majority of these films feature Telangana as their setting.


“Jithender Reddy” is the latest example. The is a film set in 1980’s Jagitial.

The film tells the story of Jithender Reddy, who fought the Naxalites and other revolutionary forces in accordance with the law. The trailer celebrates the person who killed Naxalites to defend our country. “To protect our nation, we should protect our religion,” the protagonist declares.

The film’s main actor is Rakesh Varre. The director is Virinchi Varma, who previously directed “Uyyala Jampala” and “Majnu”. Riya Suman and Vaishali Raj play the female leads.

Jithender Reddy Trailer | Rakesh Varre, Vaishali Raj,Riya Suman | Virinchi Varma | Gopi Sundar

Gopi Sundar composed the music for the film, which will be released on May 10th.



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