Lyricist Vennelakanti passes away


Lyricist and dialogue writer Rajeswara Prasad is no more. He died of cardiac arrest on Tuesday afternoon in Chennai.

He penned nearly 2000 songs and dialogues for 300 movies.

Known for his dialogue writing in dubbed movies, he also wrote hundreds of hit songs. “Raasaleela Vela” (Aditya369), “Mavayya Anna Pilupu” (Muddula Mavayya), and “Maatarani Mounamidi” (Maharshi) were some of his early hits. However, he gained popularity as a writer with dubbed movies like ‘Panchatantram’ and ‘Dasavatharam’.

Singer SP Balasubramanhyam encouraged him to write songs. His sons Shashank and Rakendu Mouli are also popular writers. “Chirunavvala Varamistava Chiti Nunchi Lechosta” was the most popular line he wrote in one of his songs that has been used by many later.



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