Megastar Chiranjeevi donates Rs 5 Cr to Jana Sena party

 Megastar Chiranjeevi

Pawan Kalyan, the Jana Sena party’s president and actor, met Megastar Chiranjeevi today at a movie shooting location. Pawan Kalyan is the younger brother of Chiranjeevi.

The Jana Sena chief went to Pochampally, 80 kilometers from Hyderabad, where Chiranjeevi was shooting his new film, Vishambhara. The two brothers had a chat about politics and other things.

Chiranjeevi reportedly contributed Rs 5 crore to the Jana Sena’s party fund and wished Pawan Kalyan good luck in the upcoming elections. Pawan Kalyan is running for the Andhra Pradesh assembly from the Pithapuram constituency.

The shoot for “Vishwambhara,” being directed by Vassishta of ‘Bimbisara’, is progressing well.



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