MeToo flopped in Bollywood: Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut said the Bollywood industry is filled with sexual predators. Many heroes flash their genitals to heroines in vanity rooms, she confessed. She also said faced such experiences.

Kangana Ranaut also admitted the #MeToo movement flopped in Bollywood because most liberals support this gang. “#MeToo has been a big failure in Bullywood, because most rapists and harassers were liberals only so they killed the movement, for sure #PayalGhosh will be humiliated and silenced like all other victims but my heart goes out to her,” she tweeted.

Reacting to Payal Ghosh’s allegations on director Anurag Kashyap, Kangana shared her experiences. “Many big heroes have done this to me also, suddenly flash their genitals after locking van or room door or in a party during a friendly dance on the dance floor stick his tongue in your mouth, take an appointment for work and come home but force himself on you,” she said.

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