NTR’s RRR sequence becomes viral


Ever since Rajamouli’s “RRR” premiered on Netflix, it has gained more popularity in the west. The Hollywood filmmakers and many social media influencers have not stopped raving about the film.

Rajamouli’s vision for action sequences is getting more praise. The film’s lead stars Ram Charan and NTR have also gained new fans globally.

Now, a clip from the film featuring NTR has become a sensation on the web. One Twitter shared a clip of NTR stomping out of a van with wild animals. The sequence won praise when the film was released in theaters. It has now found a new craze on Twitter.

The clip received 12 million views in hours. NTR played the role of Komaram Bheem. In the film, he attacks a British residency.

On the other hand, Hollywood film critics and media are listing the film as the frontrunner for the next year’s Oscars in the Foreign Language category.



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