Pawan Kalyan takes up Varahi Deeksha

Pawan Kalyan is extremely spiritual and devout. Every year, he practices spiritual discipline (Deeksha) and prays to God. The actor-turned-politician has begun his new role as Andhra Pradesh’s Deputy Chief Minister.


He has always wanted to be an elected leader. As Deputy Chief Minister, Pawan Kalyan began Varahi deeksha to express gratitude to the Hindu goddess whose benign boons made him who he is today.

As part of this deeksha, he is dressed in sacred bright yellow clothing. On Tuesday, he was photographed at his Vijayawada office dressed in same attire.

Pawan Kalyan is a huge fan of Varahi, one of the seven mother goddesses in Hindu religion. He also termed his election tour the Vaarahi yatra.



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