‘Pindam’ is the work of dedicated persons: Sriram

“Pindam” will be released in theaters around the world on December 15. The film is directed by Saikiran Daida and stars Srikanth Sriram and Kushee Ravi in the lead roles. On Tuesday, actor Sriram, who plays the film’s protagonist, met with print and web journalists. Excerpts from the interview…


How did you get this film?

I did a film called ‘Inka Evaru’ before ‘Pindam’. In general, I avoid accepting horror thrillers because most directors break from the genre and include a wide range of elements like item song, unnecessary masala moments. However, “Pindam” stays true to its story and genre. It contains a scary factor that is hard to miss. I am convinced that “Pindam” will provide horror fans with an authentic theatrical experience. And the story takes place in three separate time periods: 1920, 1990, and 2023.

Horror films, unlike romcoms, frequently require diverse facial expressions and body language. What home work did you do for this film?

As an actor, I would visualize a sequence in my head before entering the sets. I don’t have the habit of showing up to film shoots unprepared. When you conceive a situation in your head, you get the whole picture. Then you go in front of the camera and perform. I am the director’s actor.

What’s the scariest film you have watched?

Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Ratri’ was the scariest Telugu film I’ve ever seen. I watched it several times. ‘Evil Dead,’ and now ‘Insidious’. If we see ‘Evil Dead’ now, we might question why we were so afraid when we were younger. In the movies, you have something called emotion. ‘Pindam’ has the necessary connection to draw audiences.


In Telugu cinema, you have a lover boy image. Do you believe playing the father in “Pindam” would hurt your chances in the future?

That era of the lover-boy image is long passed. I have a son that is the same height as me. So, it’s always a good idea to play your age.

Have you ever seen a real-life ghost?

In Scotland, I visited a place called Ghost Hunting. I paid money to see the ghost. It is regarded as the most haunted tourist attraction in Europe. To see a ghost, one should pay money. I waited all day and came back dejected.



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