Sailesh Kolanu responds to Saindhav’s ‘Bullet shot’ trolling


Our filmmakers frequently create action stunts that defy gravity, logical reasoning, and scientific possibility. There is a ‘bullet shot’ sequence in the recently released trailer for Venkatesh’s “Saindhav.”


Venkatesh, as Saiko, fires his gun into the mouth of a rowdy who is sitting on his knees on the floor. When Venkatesh fires the gun, it is revealed that the bullet pierced his body and exited through his anus.

Social media users quickly trolled the creators. Some meme makers even posted a drawing of how the bullet must have traveled through the body, doing various rounds through the intestines.

In response, director Sailesh Kolanu stated that he found this meme funny. However, he admitted that it is theoretically possible but may not be practical. “Theoretically possible ani mass moment create chesesa,” he wrote.



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