Saindhav provides unique experience: Sailesh Kolanu

Sailesh Kolanu

The producers of “Saindhav,” featuring Venkatesh, spared no effort in generating hype and publicity for the film through their assertive promotions. The director of the film now proclaims that the final twenty minutes of “Saindhav” offer a novel and unique cinematic experience.


“Saindhav” is a milestone in Venkatesh’s career, as it marks his 75th feature film.

The director has gained recognition for creating thrillers such as “Hit” and “Hit 2”. “Saindhav” is his biggest film up till now. Sailesh Kolanu praised Venkatesh’s excellent performance throughout the concluding minutes.

“The last 20 minutes of #Saindhav will remain as one of the best pieces of cinematic experiences anyone could have witnessed in their lives and it’s just because of my man @VenkyMama. To even think that I managed to capture one of the finest performances of such an unsurpassed actor is really overwhelming,” he posted on social media.



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