Salaar is not part of KGF universe: Prashanth Neel


Director Prashanth Neel dispels rumors that “Salaar” is part of the “KGF” universe. There have also been speculations that Yash will appear in the second part of “Salaar”


However, in recent interviews, Prashanth Neel confirmed that “Salaar” is a standalone film that has nothing to do with “KGF.”

“You cannot approach a big star like Prabhas sir and tell him he will be in a franchise. Salaar is a two-part story with no connection to the KGF universe,” he explained.

Prashanth Neel also stated that the film is about Prabhas and Prithviraj Sukumaran, who play friends turned foes. Shruti Haasan plays Prabhas’s girlfriend in the film.



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