Sunitha posts a strong message to her trolls


Singer Sunitha who at the age of 44 got married for the second time, took the occasion of Women’s Day to proclaim that she built a castle with the same stones thrown at her by her detractors. She has posted a strong message to her trolls who targeted her for many years. 

She had been the victim of scandalous rumors about her personal life. She had also faced a lot of criticism from some misogynists when she had decided to get married to Ram. 

Sunitha says the trolls had always tried to pull her down, feel her insecure. Still says she forgives them because she is a ‘woman’.

This is her full message…

You judge, you troll, you always try to pull me down,
you want to prove a point, you make me feel insecure,
you don’t trust, you don’t support, you don’t ever hear me,
you laugh when I fail, you suffocate me,
you blame me for no reason and wish me a Happy women’s day!?
Yes! I take it because I pulled up all my strength on my own and built a castle with the same stones you threw at me and rose up above everything!!
I smile , I forgive, I take care, I love, I never give up… I am a woman…I’m compassionate!!
Happy women’s day!!!


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