Tamannaah is a surprise package in F3!


Venkatesh and Varun Tej starrer ‘F3’ has created the right amount of noise. Tamannaah is paired opposite Venkatesh and Mehreen opposite Varun Tej. Tamannaah’s role as Harika is going to be one of the major highlights.

Tamannaah’s role has a big surprise and this indeed is a turning point in F3. Her character in ‘F3’ has shaped up wonderfully, say the makers. Tamannaah has got a meaty role to perform. The scenes between Venkatesh and Tamannaah are going to be hilarious. The catchy dialogue “Mana Ashale Mana Viluvalu,” of Tamannaah outlines her greedy nature.

The trailer gave an impression that Tamannah might appear as a demure housewife. Contrary to this insiders say she will also set screens on fire with the glam show in songs.

The film’s trailer raised huge expectations for the movie. Both Venky with his night blindness and Varun Tej with his stammering vouch to provide enough entertainment.

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