US BO: ‘Mad’ becomes super hit

MAD Review

“MAD,” starring Narne Nithiin, Sangeeth Shobhan, Ram Nithiin, and Gowri Priya Reddy, is doing well at the box office in the United States. The film earned nearly $50k on Tuesday, bringing its total to $325k (Rs 2.70 crore).


The letters “MAD” stand for the initials of three friends. The campus drama provided many laughs. While the producers hoped it would become the next “Jathi Ratnalu,” it did not. Nonetheless, the film’s run in the United States has been quite impressive.

The distributor has already made a profit. It can take advantage of the fact that there will be no major releases until “Bhagavanth Kesari” arrives.

“MAD” is directed by Kalyan Shankar, a newcomer, and produced by Sithara Entertainments.



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