Nenu Meeku Baaga Kavalsinavaadini trailer: Mass attempt!

Nenu Meeku Baaga Kaavalsinavaadini

Kiran Abbavaram has gained a name of his own with just four films. The young actor’s next release will be ‘Nenu Meeku Baaga Kavalsinavaadini’. The film’s trailer is out now. Powerstar Pawan Kalyan launched the trailer.

The trailer is filled with elements of mass entertainers. Kiran Abbavaram is trying to gain an image as a mass hero. He plays a driver in the film. The mass drama is directed by Sridhar Gadhe, who also directed Kiran Abbavaram’s second hit film, SR Kalyana Mandapam.

Apart from Kiran’s carefree attitude, the trailer also showcases his mass dance steps and fights.

Nenu Meeku Baaga Kavalsinavaadini Trailer | Kiran Abbavaram, Sanjana | Manisharma | Kodi Divyaa

Produced by Kodi Divya, the film features Sanjana Anand and Sonu Thakur as the heroines. Mani Sharma provided the music. ‘Nenu Meeku Baaga Kavalsinavaadini’ is slated for release on Sep16th.



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