Box-office: Aadikeshava fails, Kotabommali PS is okay

Two Telugu films were in a head-to-head battle at the box office last weekend. “Aadikeshava” and “Kotabommali PS” are the two; while neither of them made big impact, “Kotabommali PS” did more business and experienced growth over the weekend.

Remade from the Malayalam film Nayattu, “Kotabommali PS” received positive reviews and positive word of mouth. The collections on the first day were slow, but things started to pick up steam after that. Impressive collections were observed on Sunday, the third day. Overall, the Srikanth Meka starred had a decent weekend at the box office.

Due to its bad reviews and negative public reactions, “Aadikeshava” starring Panja Vaisshnav Tej and Sreeleela entirely bombed. Mega fans, too, didn’t show up. So it failed completely.


December releases, which include “Hi Nanna,” “Extra,” and “Salaar,” have the Telugu cinema trade very excited as we approach the final month of 2023.



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