Suhas: ‘Ambajipet Marriage Band’ has a distinct story


Suhas began his career as a comic and a friend to heroes, gradually progressing to leading roles. He played the male lead in ‘Color Photo’, which also won a National Award, and later “Writer Padmabhushan” helped him succeed. He is now bringing out another content-rich film titled “Ambajipet Marriage Band”. As the film prepares for release on February 2nd, the actor speaks with the media. Excerpts…


No resemblance to ‘Color Photo’

“Except for the rural setting, “Ambajipeta Marriage Band” and “Color Photo” are not the same. Although the topic of caste discrimination is mentioned in “Ambajipeta Marriage Band,” it is not the film’s primary concern. The focus is on one’s ego. Sharanya and I play twins in the film, and the plot revolves around how incidents on our birthdays dramatically impact our lives,” Suhas said.

Allu Aravind liked the film

Suhas stated that senior producer Allu Aravind praised ‘Ambajipeta Marriage Band’ as a well-made picture. During the SIIMA celebrations, I met him and he complimented my performance. His praises put me on cloud nine.

Performances steal the show

“Shivani Nagaram who played opposite me is poised to gain popularity following the release of this film. She delivered a remarkable performance. I am nervous when it comes to performing romantic scenes, but this film gave me confidence. Sharanya Pradeep is a superb performer who has already proven her abilities as an actor,” he praised.

Ambajipeta Marriage Band

Distinct concepts

“I am selecting original and unique ideas that deviate from the narrative genres I have previously explored. I prefer to be acknowledged as an actor rather than being categorized as a hero,” Suhas stated.

In production

“I recently completed the film “Prasannavadanam” and am currently working on another film called “Cable Reddy.” A film is currently being planned by Dil Raju Productions,” he revealed.



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