Actress Nikki pledges to donate her plasma

Nikki Tamboli

Actress Nikki Tamboli has taken a pledge to donate her plasma. She also encouraged her fans and others who have recovered from COVID-19 to donate their plasma as plasma therapy is proving to be an effective way to cure Covid-19.

Nikki Tamboli played lead roles in Sree Vishnu starrer ‘Tippara Meesam’, ‘Kanchana 3’ and ‘Cheekati Gadilo Chitakottudu’. She also recently appeared in Bigg Boss 14 (Hindi).

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“I have recovered from COVID-19 recently. Mine is an O+ blood group. I will donate my plasma as soon as antibodies develop. And I urge everyone who has recovered from Covid-19 to donate their plasma as many patients who are in critical stages are benefitting it,” she said.


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