Chari 111 trailer: Promises fun-filled spy thriller

Chari 111

Spy thrillers are defined by intriguing aspects, action sequences, spectacular locales, racy stunts, and beautiful women. Normally, such spy thrillers include an action star in the lead role. In contrast, the hero in “Chari 111” is a comedian.


Vennela Kishore, the Telugu film industry’s top comedian, plays the lead in this film, and the trailer is out. The trailer confirms that the film is more of a comedy than an action drama. It combines comedic and spy elements.

Chari Brahmachari, played by Vennela Kishore, aspires to be a spy. The major Indian agencies are also on the lookout for an unsuspecting individual to work as a spy. So, the story begins. But the main action is carried out by a female spy, Samyuktha Viola Viswanathan aka Samyuktha.

The trailer concludes with Samyuktha informing Vennela Kishore that he can never be a hero, only a comedian. The trailer contains entertaining moments. Aditi Soni produced the film, and TG Keerthi Kumar directed it.

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