Did director foresee Ram Charan’s global fame?

Ram Charan

In the past few weeks, Ram Charan’s fame and popularity have skyrocketed around the world. The recent success of ‘RRR’ in the United States has propelled him to the ranks of the world’s top celebrities.


On the other hand, director Sampath Nandi claims that he and lyricist Chandrabose foresaw a long time ago that Charan would become a worldwide superstar. Ten years ago, Sampath Nandi directed Ram Charan in the film “Racha.”

One of the songs in the film describes Ram Charan as the “global star” of the future. Chandrabose is responsible for its lyrical content.

“A decade ago, when I was writing the intro sequence for Ram Charan garu in ‘Racha’, Chandrabose anna rightly came up with the term ‘Global Star’. Today, the entire world is calling him so. Coincidentally, Chandrabose anna and choreographer Prem Rakshit who choreographed the title song of ‘Racha’ are part of RRR’s triumph too. So happy and proud of our work back then and their phenomenal success today. Good luck for the Oscars,” Sampath Nandi tweeted.

As for Chandrabose, he remarked that this demonstrated the impact of an honest statement.



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