FCUK is narrated with a lot of humor: Ram Kaarthik

Ram Kaarthik

‘Father Chitti Umaa Kaarthik’ (FCUK) is the latest film from the renowned production house Sri Ranjith Movies. With its innovative publicity campaign and interesting promos, the small-budgeted movie is hitting the screens on February 12th. Ram Kaarthik is playing the male lead. The young actor says that the audiences will connect with the father-son relationship that is portrayed unique manner in the film.

Ram Karthik is Kaarthik in the film and Tamil actress Ammu Abhirami has essayed his love interest Umaa.

“Jagapathi Babu has essayed my father’s role. The film is essentially a love story. The love relationship of Kaarthik and Umaa is interrupted by the entry of Chitti and how it is resolved is all about this movie. Director Vidyasagar has presented this narrative with a lot of humor,” says the young actor.


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