Is Nayanthara getting only half of Kareena’s paycheck?

Nayanthara and Kareena Kapoor

Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor was set to make her debut in a south Indian film with Kannada superstar Yash’s new film “Toxic.” Her presence in the cast of “Toxic” was highly covered by the media. However, Kareena Kapoor is no longer expected to appear in the film.


The makers of “Toxic: A Fairy Tale For Grown-ups”, directed by Geetu Mohandas and produced by KVN Productions, have decided to cast Nayanthara in place of Kareena Kapoor. According to reports, Nayanthara has not only agreed to portray the role originally meant for Kareena, but she has also given her call sheets.

Then why did Kareena decline after initially agreeing to? There are speculations that the producers thought Kareena Kapoor’s salary was too high. They apparently believed that such hefty pay for the role of a hero’s sister was untenable.

So Nayanthara, who has the highest remuneration in South India, is stepping in. Although Nayanthara receives the highest salary for a South Indian movie heroine, Kareena charges nearly double what Nayanthara charged.


Yash plays the lead in the film “Toxic” aka “Toxic: A Fairy Tale For Grown-ups”. Kiara Advani portrays the female lead.



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