Naga Babu reactivates his Twitter handle

Naga Babu

Naga Babu canceled his Twitter account in response to a recent controversial post in which he stated that they would consider their own member an opponent if they worked with rivals. His Twitter post ( served as a warning to Allu Arjun.


It should be noted that Allu Arjun wrote a message on social media in support of his uncle Pawan Kalyan, wishing him a fantastic victory. But Allu Arjun went to Nandyal and greeted a large crowd, encouraging them to vote for YSRCP candidate Shilpa Ravi. His actions were interpreted by the Jana Sena party and Pawan Kalyan’s supporters as betrayal.

Naga Babu then threatened Allu Arjun on social media.

Following his remark, trolls on both sides launched a torrent of social media posts. Naga Babu canceled the account to avoid further controversy.

After remaining in active for couple of dates, he is now back on social media and has stated that he removed his previous post. He stated, “I have deleted my tweet.”



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