“Khalasay” single from Priyadarshi’s ‘Darling’ unveiled


Following the success of “Hanu-Man”, producer K Niranjan Reddy of PrimeShow Entertainment is producing a film called “Darling”. Priyadarshi and Nabha Natesh are playng the lead roles.


Written and directed by Aswin Raam, the film’s team began promotions with songs.

The first single “Khalasay” from the movie was revealed. Vivek Sagar created an upbeat musical composition. Ram Miriyala and Hanuman CH are the vocalists of the song.

The song depicts the exasperation of an ordinary youngster. Kasarla Syam’s lyrics depict the funny nature. Priyadarshi showcased his dance prowess in this song, which is being touted as the Frustration Anthem.

Khalasay - Lyrical | Darling | Priyadarshi, Nabha Natesh | Vivek Sagar | Ram Miriyala | Hanuman Ch


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