Krishna and His Leela for direct OTT release

Krishna and His Leela movie still
Siddhu Jonnalagadda and Shraddha Srinath in ‘Krishna and His Leela’

The makers of ‘Krishna and His Leela’ had released teasers and songs last year but they have stopped the movie’s promotion for various reasons. Now, producer Suresh Babu has decided to release the movie on the OTT platform bypassing the theatrical window.

Hence, the film’s promotions have begun again. 

Satya - First Love | Krishna And His Leela | Siddhu | Shraddha | Ravikanth Perepu

‘Krishna and His Leela’ is directed by Ravikanth Perepu who shot to fame with Adivi Sesh starrer ‘Kshanam’. The film has Siddhu Jonnalagadda playing as the Krisna. Shraddha Srinath is Satya, his first love.

Shraddha Srinath who played as Nani’s wife in ‘Jersey’ seems to have done some hot romantic scenes with Siddhu in this film.



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