Lokesh creates a unique character for Rajinikanth


Director Lokesh Kanagaraj is currently working on his next film, which will star Superstar Rajinikanth. The untitled film will start shooting in June.


Lokesh, who delivered the massive hit “Vikram” with legendary Kamal Haasan, has vowed that his film with Rajinikanth will be equally special.

“The regular shooting will begin in June. It will take another year and a half to be released,” he said.

He frequently receives criticism for a “loose” second half. He also admitted that the latter half of his previous film “Leo” was ineffective. So he does not want to make any compromises just to meet the deadline. He wants to take it slow with Rajinikanth’s film so that he can double-check everything and deliver a truly memorable film.

He also confirmed that Rajinikanth’s role will be completely unique.



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