Love Me trailer: A ghost captivates Daredevil’s heart!

Love Me

The official trailer for the film “Love Me” featuring Ashish and Vaishnavi Chitanya has been released. The trailer is intriguing due to its portrayal of a distinctive narrative.


The trailer commences with the portrayal of individuals who are gripped by fear due to a malevolent apparition that manifests at a specific moment. Next, we are introduced to Ajay, played by Ashish, who is a fearless and audacious youth. His heart desires to engage in activities that are cautioned against.

Despite the warnings from everyone, he ventures to a location inhabited by a female ghost, and not only does he search for her, but he also develops romantic feelings for her. Is it possible for a ghost to experience love for a human being? The concept appears intriguing. The trailer is also enjoyable.

Ashish is paired up with Vaishnavi Chaitanya, who is known for her role in the movie ‘Baby’. Simran Choudary takes on the role of another female protagonist.

Love Me Trailer - Ashish | Arun | MM Keeravaani | Dil Raju | May 25th 2024

MM Keeravani is responsible for composing the music, while PC Sreeram operated the camera.

“Love Me” is set to be released on May 25 under the Dil Raju Productions banner.



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